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Darkness Reigns Donald Franck

Darkness Reigns

Donald Franck

Kindle Edition
396 pages
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 About the Book 

Author Donald Franck brings you a new and excitingly realistic story of our civilization’s fall from grace as both nature and mankind attempts to destroys our world’s life blood by the use of an ElectroMagnetic Pulse!See lights dim as darkness reigns!Excerpt from Darkness Reigns:“Airplanes flying over the northern Pacific were some of the first to be affected as one moment they were sailing 35,000 feet above the Pacific, the next moment everything went silent except for the whistling of the wind itself and they felt themselves start falling to the earth, a fall that would take upwards to seven minutes and would end in the terrible and tragic loss of life. Bullet trains in Japan that were traveling at over 200 miles an hour, either derailed because of loss of control or just slowed down to a stop, never to move again. Elevators in tall buildings shut down and darkness reigned, darkness in which thousands of stumbling people fought their way down blackened stairwells. This was overshadowed and compounded by the screaming, as those countless thousands tried to escape the darkness of pitch black buildings, subways, train tunnels, and train stations.. This was only the beginning!”